About Us

Did you know that billions of dollars in consumer goods are returned to the Big Retailers every year? In the past, a large segment of these items were discarded or otherwise destroyed simply because the Big Retailers could not sell them as “brand new” anymore. We found this to be absurd. With thousands of people searching for ways to save money everyday, we knew there had to be a way to get those products into their hands.

We have spent almost a decade selling online. Through this, we have mastered the process of securing items from Big Retailers, appraising and evaluating them and then putting the best up for sale in the most efficient way to keep our prices as low as possible. All this while delivering our brand of premier, customer first service to all our buyers. After countless requests from our fans, and years of research in the industry, we decided it was time to bring this service to you all (or y’all as we say here in Arkansas).

In February 2019, was launched. Our promise is to continue to fight and make the deals with the Big Guys so everybody has a fair chance to get great products at the web's best pricing.