New Pricing Model

Posted by Shaun Lastra on

It's really hard to land on the right price for a product that's in less than brand new condition. It's rarely as simple as just assigning a flat discount. We here at DollarHog refer to the problem as the Toothbrush Effect. The idea being, while you may be entirely open to buying a used stereo, very few of us are in the market for a used toothbrush.  Assuming, of course, the original owner wasn't Leonardo DiCaprio. All this to say—until Mr. DiCaprio returns our calls—we're trying something new. Here's the plan: 

Everything will be originally listed just under the current retail price, but the discount will increase, day by day, the longer the item is listed in our store. So, if you find a product you're interested in, but the price isn't quite right, check back in a few days and the price will be more to your liking. The only catch is, as we rarely have more than one of any particular product, waiting too long means losing the item to another buyer.

If you've ever been to a consignment or thrift store, you'll know this is a widely adopted solution for conventional brick-and-mortar resellers. Although the strategy  doesn't seem to be practiced often online, we can't imagine why it wouldn't work for us or our customers. Let us know what you think.